Sapna Sappu shared topless picture, told the story of deception with her, see Instagram post

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Actress who appeared in Bollywood and Bhojpuri films Sapna Sappu Shortly before, she shared a topless picture on her Instagram account, in which she is looking very bold. Sharing this picture, Sapna Sapu has written a hard-hitting post, which has rocked the fans. Sapna Sappu has told in her Instagram post that she has been cheated, which she will definitely take revenge. Sapna Sappu has not written the name of anyone in this post, but this gesture has definitely given such a big cheat to her by her old partner, on whose OTT platform Sapna’s films were released.

Sapna Sappu Has written in his Instagram post, ‘I accidentally loved a lousy person like you, but now I hate you more. You are not capable of my love, you remain happy in the gutter and keep those actresses on your gun. You wait and see, you will never be happy by doing bad to me and I will not forgive you and you.

‘You will play with money but don’t forget this is India, and your makers are also here. Remember what you can do if a woman comes to you. If you are seeing this post of mine, please be ashamed. You have dug up the pit yourself, increased this matter in India. You provoked artists to blackmail me, you forgot that I have worked for your OTT. For 22 years, Jabra was a fan, are you not mine, so what worm of pornography has you been bitten that people have followed me, to disturb you, you have not been ashamed? For you, I decorated those poor ladies, forgetting my celebrity status for the series. Where will I forget your OTT? Will you be happy by giving me trouble? ‘

‘Remember, if my son and I have any problem, what will happen here, you have prepared the ZR to blackmail me, so keep the arrangements ahead. I will not have any problem, to become a Victim, to put a watch on you and your people, understand? You did not take revenge these days, I cried a lot, think now it is my turn to return. Looked at love, now also see hate. Ashamed, what have we become for each other and now only for someone?

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